My name is Mark Christensen, I'm the chef at San Gabriel Christian School and I cater local events, Weddings, Business Functions, Party's and fund raisers. I'd love to hear from you and share my love for great tasting food with you.

"Best dinner ever! It was out of this world!

                                   - Stephanie T.


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Cooking fell on me, or did I fall on it? That's a long conversation for another time. I love to hunt for new recipes to add to our repertoire and to create things off the cuff. Mixing bold flavors in cooking, and baking delicious desserts is a joy!

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Thursday Night DINNER DONE!


People ask me all the time, "So what do you cook?" That's a hard question to answer, though I will say this, run your food idea by me, and I'll be very honest with you if it's something we have done before. We've done, a lot!!!

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Sometimes you just have to…

Feed a hungry mob or let someone else do the cooking. Thursday nights let us get your DINNER DONE!